Charlotte Plaza

Charlotte School of Law's New Home

With a desire to carry out our mission pillars of practice readiness and student-centered outcomes and with an opportunity to be even more accessible to the community, Charlotte School of Law has relocated to Charlotte Plaza at 201 South College Street.

This move puts our students closer to businesses and Mecklenburg and federal courts located uptown, and is only one block from the city transportation hub. Charlotte Plaza is also a short light-rail stop away from Charlotte School of Law's Clinic Site at 1300 South Boulevard.

A Great Place to Be!

  • Expanded student access to county and federal courts
  • Walking distance to leading law, banking, and energy companies and Charlotte’s seven Fortune 500 companies
  • Increased accessibility for faculty, students, corporate partners and pro bono clients
  • Judges, lawyers, business and community leaders can easily participate in campus events
  • Improved community access to legal services
  • Reduced carbon footprint with easily accessible public transportation 
  • Out-the-door access to all the City of Charlotte has to offer - dining, parks, entertainment, housing, professional sports, fitness, transportation, the arts, etc.

The Facility

  • 243,000 total square feet and 32,250 square feet in the library
  • Presence on floors 1 and 2 and entire floors 4-13
  • 17 classrooms, 3 moot court/classrooms, 1 training/classroom, and 1 courtroom
  • 38 study rooms and 5 knowledge bars

Transportation & Parking Resources

Charlotte CENTER CITY Partners Transportation Information

City Transportation Hub

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Charlotte B-cycle

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CATS Discounts

Standard Parking, the operator of the Charlotte Plaza parking deck, sells discounted CATS passes on site at Charlotte Plaza. Their office is located between the entrance and exit of the parking garage. From the lobby of the building, take the parking garage elevators to the 1st floor and walk to the entrance and exit of the garage. There is no access to their office from outside the deck. You must come through the building. Standard Parking does not accept personal checks. Office hours are Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:45pm. For more information, contact Mark McMahan at or Marek Nelson at

10 Ride Local = $16.80
10 Ride Express = $23.10
10 Ride Express Plus = $33.60
Local Monthly = $67.20
Express Monthly = $92.40
Express Plus Monthly = $134.40
Senior Express Monthly = $57.75
Senior Express Plus Monthly = $84.00
LYNX Monthly = $67.50


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