Our Mission

Redefining legal education.

Charlotte School of Law - Charlotte CourthouseOur entire academic mission is structured around three core mission concepts that make the Charlotte School of Law experience unique and provide a pathway to future success and fulfillment. These three ideals form a foundation for every aspect of the school—from academics and pro bono work to career development and community leadership.

Practical preparation is critical. A rigorous curriculum has been created to ensure that our students are equipped with practical skills that will allow them to thrive in a professional setting. Students are taught not only the traditions and theory of law, but also how to apply this learning through critical thinking and analytical skill sets. We address what using a law degree in “real life” can mean to an individual both personally and professionally.

Our students are our focus. 
Our faculty is driven by a desire to motivate and energize the student community in every aspect of the Charlotte School of Law experience. Professors are accessible mentors who take an active role in the development of students and help them to embrace their legal education and capitalize on the opportunities within the school and community network of resources. Student success is of the utmost importance to everyone at the institution, on every level.

It is essential to serve our community. 
The Charlotte School of Law believes strongly that tomorrow’s leaders must reflect and interact effectively with an eclectic collective of people and cultures. Consequently, the school places strong emphasis on serving the underserved through community service and pro bono work in an inclusive environment that fosters a demanding yet supportive educational setting for a diverse community.