Orientation Sessions

For each AAMPLE® session, students are required to participate in online orientation sessions the week prior to the first day of classes. Orientation sessions generally start on a Monday and end on a Thursday or Friday. The orientation will be conducted in the Online Rooms in the CSL AAMPLE Orientation course found in the school’s Learning Management System, Desire2Learn (D2L).

The CSL AAMPLE Orientation sessions in D2L are self-paced online courses. You will have to attend each two-hour Orientation course by going to the applicable online room each day during Orientation. The online courses must be completed by 11:59 pm (EST) on the designated days, typically the last Sunday of the orientation week. For questions regarding the online Orientation course, contact Keith Howard, Director of AAMPLE & Assistant Professor, at  aample@charlottelaw.edu.

Important Class Dates

Charlotte School of Law hosts several AAMPLE® sessions each year. There are generally no holidays in AAMPLE ®, so you can expect to meet as scheduled unless the professor states differently in the class syllabus. Review sessions may be scheduled on Friday or Saturday before the final exams. Attendance in all class sessions, discussion boards, quizzes, and exams is required. Please read the AAMPLE Participation Policy.

Upcoming AAMPLE Sessions:

Aample session dates

* Please note that we reserve the right to cancel any classes that do not have sufficient enrollment.

Time Slots for Respective Sessions:

You may enroll in classes held during one of the following three time slots (all Eastern time):

AAmple Time Slots

Calendar for  Respective Sessions:


Upon successful completion of the Online AAMPLE® program, students will be offered admission to the next class—Fall, Spring, or JumpStart–at Charlotte School of Law. However, failure to comply with these requirements will cancel a successful AAMPLE® student’s admission into the law school.

  • Arrange for an official transcript from your undergraduate degree-granting institution to be sent directly to the Charlotte School of Law Admissions Office. The transcript you sent to LSAC is not sufficient.
  • Submit a non-refundable deposit. (More information will be provided upon successful completion).
  • Apply for an accommodation if you feel that you may need special assistance because of a disability. Students must meet with the Assistant Dean for Students and complete a Request for Disability Accommodations form after successful completion of the online AAMPLE® program.
  • Submit a completed JD application to the Admissions Department for the Spring 2014 term (if you have not done so already). The application fee is not required.

Successful completion is defined as passing and actively participating in both AAMPLE® courses, after being enrolled online the first day of the program. Students who participate in the AAMPLE® program and are unsuccessful are not eligible to apply to AAMPLE® for two (2) years unless they have retaken the LSAT and significantly scored higher than their previously highest LSAT score. After two (2) years have passed, students are welcome to submit applications to the Charlotte School of Law to participate in AAMPLE®.