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Charlotte School of Law (CSL) Student Communication Update

The Department of Education (“ED”) has agreed to extend the schedule for CSL to submit additional information relative to the action taken not to renew the School’s participation in the federal student loan program.   This is not an appeal of the ED action: it is an additional submission that the ED will consider.  Under the procedure the ED is using there is no formal appeal process within the Department of Education.  The action is reviewable in Federal court, and CSL is consulting with counsel as to its options consistent with protecting the interests of its students.

We are working on ensuring that students who were awarded Direct Loans for the Spring semester will be able to receive that support, but may require bridge financing for loan proceeds other than for tuition and fees.

We are exploring private loans (including institutional loans) for students who were not awarded federal Direct Loans for the spring semester.

We are actively pursuing an arrangement with Florida Coastal School of Law to ensure that regardless of our dispute with ED our students can complete their program of study and receive an ABA-accredited degree.   We have been actively working with our regulators respecting this arrangement.

We hope to have in place by the end of the week a specific process for transferring to Coastal, including for students with fewer or more than 30 credits.

We anticipate having more clarity in the next few days. However, we understand that for many students, decisions need to be made now to take advantage of transfer opportunities.  In such cases, affected students should make their independent decision as to whether to transfer.  Every student should be assured that CSL will do everything possible to assist them, whatever their choices.

~President Chidi Ogene and Dean Jay Conison~

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Pro Bono Program Named for Third Year in a Row to President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll


For the third consecutive year, the Charlotte School of Law Pro Bono and Community Service Programs were named to the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll under the Economic Opportunity Category by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). This recognition signifies the highest federal recognition that higher education institutions can receive for community service, service-learning, and civic engagement.  CharlotteLaw is the only law school in North Carolina to have received this honor for three consecutive years.

The President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll includes institutions selected nationally for the honor roll in four categories:  general community service, interfaith community service, economic opportunity, and education.  CharlotteLaw’s recognition in the economic opportunity category highlights the law school’s pro bono student group project work that has benefited the financial well-being and security of economically disadvantaged individuals.

Some examples of the projects recognized by the award include CharlotteLaw’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program that helps low-income individuals file federal tax returns and CharlotteLaw’s Expunction & Reentry Project that reduces collateral effects of criminal records enabling individuals to improve their job and housing prospects.

“We are once again honored to be named on this year’s Honor Roll,” said Assistant Professor Sean Lew who directs CharlotteLaw’s Pro Bono Program. “Our law school’s mission pillar remains centered upon student success and service to the underserved.”

Since the law school’s founding, CharlotteLaw students have performed more than 150,000 pro bono hours in Charlotte and beyond.  Professor Lew has developed and directed more than twenty pro bono student group projects during his time at the law school.  Two of his pro bono group projects—the Driver’s License Restoration Project and the Access to Justice Humanitarian Immigration Project—are now full-blown CharlotteLaw clinics serving the Charlotte community.

CNCS has administered the award since 2006 in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the American Council on Education, Campus Contact, and the Interfaith Youth Core.  Established as a federal agency in 1993, CNCS engages more than 5 million Americans in service through its core programs — Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, and the Social Innovation Fund — and leads President Obama’s national call to service initiative: United We Serve.

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Charlotte School of Law Helping Our City Heal


A week after the civil unrest that followed the death of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, the Charlotte School of Law – the city’s only law school – is committed to playing a key role in helping the city heal. Several CharlotteLaw professors wasted little time getting plugged into opportunities that allowed them to serve as discussion facilitators and thought-leaders in the greater Charlotte community. Faculty members engaged in activities that provided opportunities to offer words of hope and healing to listeners, inspire readers through the words of a powerful blog post, and educate the viewing audience as subject matter experts in interviews with the local media. Each in their own way, helping to unpack the complex and sensitive issues associated with Mr. Scott’s death and the riots that followed. Thank you Professors Christie Matthews, Chris Woodyard, and Dean Jason Huber. CharlotteLaw appreciates you!

  • Dean Huber in Time Warner Cable interview on September 28 about the Citizens Review Board: New Push to Improve Charlotte’s Citizens Review Board
  • Professor Matthews addressing comments made in Monday’s Presidential debate posted on Debate Fact Check: Is Implicit Bias Really a Problem for Everyone and Not Just Police?
  • Dean Huber joined a panel at WFAE to discuss the cell phone video that was taken by Mr. Keith Scott’s wife on the day of her husband’s interaction with members of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. Mr. Scott’s family released the cell phone video on Friday, September 23. The panel talked for an hour during the news show – All Things Considered – and discussed the video frame-by-frame. Jason can be heard for the first time at 9:04/1:00 and his thoughtful comments continue throughout the hour. Use your judgment with respect to listening to this discussion as the audio portion of the cell phone video can be heard.  Wife Releases Her Own Video of Keith Scott Shooting

Student groups at CharlotteLaw are also involved in promoting healthy dialogue and healing. The Student Bar Association and the Black Law Student’s Association (BLSA) are hosting an on-campus panel discussion on Monday, October 3rd titled: “We Need Change!” and individual students have volunteered to help heal our city in a variety of ways. Thank you students for embracing and modeling the role of the lawyer as social change agent in our community. You make us proud!

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CharlotteLaw Releases Statement Regarding Orlando Shooting


Dear Members of the Charlotte School of Law Community—

We have followed the news of the past few days with great sadness.

The atrocity in Orlando, which was directed against our LGBT and Latino fellow citizens, killed many, many people. It also challenges our self-image as a civilized and open society. Perhaps hate is inescapable, even in modern and open societies such as ours. But when hate expresses itself with such violence, and in such massive and senseless death, it reminds us how hard we all have to work to keep hate at bay, and to safeguard the flourishing and citizens in our society.

The outpouring of grief and support around the nation, and indeed around the world, helps us to rebuild confidence in the fundamental goodness of our society. But regrettably, that rebuilt confidence in our society and in ourselves has been tainted through other attacks—less violent, but potentially more dangerous in the long run—on others in our society and around the world. The attack on the LGBT community in Orlando has encouraged verbal attacks and even cruelty directed toward others who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered; sadly, it has happened even here in Charlotte. And the Orlando massacre has prompted demagogues to point accusatory fingers at the world population of Muslims—1.6 billion people. Guilt by association, and extreme accusations through demagoguery, are incompatible with our system of law and justice, and incompatible with our democratic values.

We hope that in your sadness resulting from the horror in Orlando, you use the occasion to reflect on what about our great country and civilization is being attacked, and what we all—especially as lawyers and prospective lawyers—we must be ever vigilant to protect.

Chidi Ogene, President
Jay Conison, Dean

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Charlotte School of Law Partners with Mecklenburg County Court System


CharlotteLaw’s Mock Trial Team be hosting Mecklenburg County Court Camp students on June 13th, 27th, July 11th and 25th from 10:45 am to 11:45 am for a tour, brief discussion of what it takes to become an attorney and introduction to the problem they will be using to put on a mock trial.  The mock trial is held on the last day of the camp for those respective students – and providing lunch (pizza) from 11:45 to 12:30pm for 15 students per week.

On Fridays volunteers from CSL will be assisting these students with putting on the mock trial for their parents. This would be June 17th, July 1st, 15th and July 29th. In addition, the Mock Trial Team we will be providing the problem for the students to use for the mock trial.

Court Camp is a program through the county court system that that educates students on how trials and investigations really work in contrast to what they see on television.

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