2014 Law School Survey of Student Engagement Results Summary

CharlotteLaw recently received the results of the 2014 Law School Survey of Student Engagement (LSSSE) which showed some notable improvements over last year in several key areas.

We are very proud of the results, which are key indicators of how students perceive their law school experience.

Information of this nature is particularly important for an institution that is student-centered and strives to engender appreciation of the challenges and opportunities associated with building a leadership institution.  Some of the areas in which we saw positive results include:

  • Overall student engagement…up 6.6%
  • Rating of entire educational experience…up 6.4%
  • If you could start over again, would you go to the same law school you are now attending…up 8.7%
  • School is supportive of its students…up 9.7%
  • Relationships with other students…up 1.2%
  • Relationships with faculty members…up 2.6%
  • Relationships with administrative staff and offices…up 11.4%
  • Career development support…up 6.2%
  • Development of critical legal skills…up 3.5%
  • Percentage of students who have participated or plan to participate in academic experiences…up 7.0%
  • Percentage of students who have participated or plan to participate in practical experiences…up 5.9%
  • Serving the community…up 3.0%
  • Student ethics…up 7.3%

LSSSE is an objective organization that surveys students at law schools across the country each year.  The survey measures aspects of the law school experience from relationships with faculty to successful learning outcomes.  The law school then takes what it learns from this important source of feedback and creates action plans for continuing what works well and improving what doesn’t work as well.

As a CharlotteLaw student, please be sure to participate in LSSSE in April 2015 and other surveys throughout the year so that your feedback is heard.

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