Charlotte School of Law (CSL) Student Communication Update

The Department of Education (“ED”) has agreed to extend the schedule for CSL to submit additional information relative to the action taken not to renew the School’s participation in the federal student loan program.   This is not an appeal of the ED action: it is an additional submission that the ED will consider.  Under the procedure the ED is using there is no formal appeal process within the Department of Education.  The action is reviewable in Federal court, and CSL is consulting with counsel as to its options consistent with protecting the interests of its students.

We are working on ensuring that students who were awarded Direct Loans for the Spring semester will be able to receive that support, but may require bridge financing for loan proceeds other than for tuition and fees.

We are exploring private loans (including institutional loans) for students who were not awarded federal Direct Loans for the spring semester.

We are actively pursuing an arrangement with Florida Coastal School of Law to ensure that regardless of our dispute with ED our students can complete their program of study and receive an ABA-accredited degree.   We have been actively working with our regulators respecting this arrangement.

We hope to have in place by the end of the week a specific process for transferring to Coastal, including for students with fewer or more than 30 credits.

We anticipate having more clarity in the next few days. However, we understand that for many students, decisions need to be made now to take advantage of transfer opportunities.  In such cases, affected students should make their independent decision as to whether to transfer.  Every student should be assured that CSL will do everything possible to assist them, whatever their choices.

~President Chidi Ogene and Dean Jay Conison~

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