Guest Blogging Guidelines

Your post will be tagged with your name and will serve to build your professional image.  Please keep this fact in mind when choosing your post topic.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Promotion of events and special groups – special groups can include a tag line that offers information to readers on how to become involved with the group
  • Debriefing after events – feel free to include pictures and other media
  • Discussion of news events and current issues in the law – links to articles, other blogs, etc. encouraged (be sure to properly credit your sources)
  • Things you’ve learned in classes and general reflections on your law school experience
  • Internship and externship experiences
  • Research projects and scholarship

Use professional language when writing.  No profanity and no “bashing” or “ranting.”

Keep your post under 500 words.

No personal advertisements allowed (i.e. apartment subleasing, furniture sales, etc.)

Save your post as a Word document, including images if applicable.

When adding images to your blog post, there are a few things to keep in mind.  Please be aware that if your images overlap with each other or have additional symbols included such as arrows or circles, your image may have to be edited slightly in format by our blog administrator.  Also be sure to comply with copyright restrictions.  Either use pictures you have taken or created yourself or be sure that the images can be used commercially with no restrictions.  You can use Google Advanced Image Search and the Usage Rights filter to assist you.  Before reusing content that you’ve found, you should verify that its license is legitimate and check the exact terms of reuse stated in the license. For example, most licenses require that you give credit to the image creator when reusing an image.

Only CharlotteLaw students, faculty, staff and alumni may submit guest postings.

Send your post to from your CharlotteLaw email address in order for the school to verify that you are authorized to post on our blog.

Questionable posts will be forwarded to the Blog Committee for discussion and editing.  You will be contacted with any changes that need to be made before posting and will be able to either agree to the changes or withdraw your submission.

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