Links We Love Weekly Round-Up — March 30, 2015


5 Effective Brainstorming Exercises

Brainstorming is used when you’re searching for ideas and discovering possibilities that may be found in problems. The most common brainstorming exercise is to simply write down your ideas on a sheet of paper. Though, this may be an effective approach, you might like to change technique and find certain exercises that fit your personal learning path.

Ten Things to Do Instead of Checking Email

So, let’s imagine that you’re in your office, and have about 15 minutes before you need to walk out of your building to get to a meeting. What do you do in those 15 minutes?  Many readers probably answered “check email.” Checking email has become the default work-ish activity for many professionals. I said work-ish because while checking email may be work-related, for most people it is not a central activity of their work.

The First “Teaching Law Firm”? Law School Applies for ABS License

Nottingham Law School, part of Nottingham Trent University, has applied to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) for an alternative business structure (ABS) licence that would allow it to create a “teaching law firm”.  The application is believed to be the first made by a university and, if granted, would apply to the law school’s newly expanded Legal Advice Centre.

The Best Legal Pad for Legal Work

Is there another tool that lawyers rely upon more — yet think about less — than the humble legal pad?

Top Five Marketing Tips for Legal Professionals

Pick two days every week when you are going to get out of the office and have a face-to-face meeting with a client, referral source or potential client. You won’t get any new assignments by working through lunch or joining your law firm colleagues for drinks. Instead, meet a client for coffee, meet a referral source for lunch or dinner, and meet prospective clients at a trade association meeting.

Bar Exam, the Standard to Become a Lawyer, Comes Under Fire

For decades, law school graduates have endured a stressful rite of passage, spending the first 10 weeks after classes end taking cram courses in the arcane details of the law before sitting down for the grueling, days-long bar exam. Those who do not pass cannot practice law, at least in nearly all the states and the District of Columbia that consider the exam the professional standard.  But that standard, so long unquestioned, is facing a new round of scrutiny — not just from the test takers but from law school deans and some state legal establishments.

Celebrating Women: Women’s History on Pinterest

March is designated as Women’s History Month and this year the National Women’s History Project has selected “Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives” as the theme. To help commemorate Women’s History Month, the Library has created a Pinterest Board that offers a visual celebration of the diverse stories of women in the United States.

How to Get Your Government Paycheck

A snazzy infographic about the ins and outs of government jobs related to criminal justice.

Inside Google’s Insanely Popular Emotional-Intelligence Course

How one of Google’s original engineers became a self-help guru, and why thousands are on waiting lists for his course.

We Are David Dow

Lawyers are furious with Texas for suspending an effective death penalty defense attorney.

Google Sends Reporter a GIF instead of a “No Comment”

This adorable animated GIF is apparently the official answer Google sent to a Daily Dot reporter in response to his seeming scoop on a new YouTube livestreaming plan. Richard Lewis reported that Google-owned YouTube was going to take a new swing at “eSports”—a.k.a. watching other people play videogames—as services like Amazon’s Twitch gain popularity.

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