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Welcome To Charlotte School of Law

Creating Lawyers of the Future

Charlotte School of Law provides practice ready opportunities for those pursuing a career in law. Fully accredited by the American Bar Association, Charlotte School of Law is equipped with advanced industry resources and legal mentors for students practicing law.

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Student Testimonials

Sally S.
“The biggest advantage CSL gave me was making me practice-ready. I made use of the school's resources and landed four different internship opportunities, one of which has lead to a full-time associate position post graduation.”
Gabija G.
“...For every subject matter and every question I come up with, there are doors open - whether it is a professor, a teaching assistant, or a member of the administration team - they are here to help you succeed, and they have ansers.”
Daniel R.
“One thing I will highlight is the attention that students get from their professors at CSL, that is beyond compare. Unlike most large schools, your professors want to get to know you, and take an active role in your legal education from start to finish.”
Curtina N.
“...CSL provides practice-ready opportunities and classes. I came out ready to practice. I did not feel like I missed something in school. I still use class notes and text-books as resources.”
Carol N.
“Attending Charlotte School of Law is a big accomplishment for my family and me... Law school is a dream for me, but for those who came before me, it is a realization of the power of education...”